Hi, person looking for info about ACCESS at ORGAN RECITAL

We chose JACK partly because it provides some of the better access available (especially for the price) in Brooklyn.


The entire of the festival will take place at Jack NYC  505 ½ Waverly Avenue between Fulton and Atlantic in Clinton Hill. The space has 55 chairs and room for additional floor seating.  We will include reminders at each event to make sure folks who need chairs are given priority access. 


JACK has a portable wheelchair ramp for getting into the space (which is a three-inch rise from sidewalk level) and we’ll make sure it is out for every ORGAN RECITAL event.

The venue has two bathrooms, one of which is large, but not large enough to be in accordance with national accessibility guidelines (it doesn’t have a 60″ turning diameter).

While we’re in the space, the bathrooms will both be labeled as all gender. We don’t have enough control over the space to ethically call it low scent but we’ll include scent reminders whenever possible in facebook events, written materials etc.


The venue sells soda and beer at all events to support their neighborhood programs, so while this is far from a bar, it isn’t a completely sober space.

What didn’t we cover? We want to address it. Email us at organrecital nyc at gmail. Or if text works better for you, hit us up at 215.964.1963 with questions or concerns.