The promised zine: You Don’t Have To Love Your Body to Take Care Of It

Remember that zine I promised, full of tips and tricks to get healthcare that you need but have trouble seeking out? Here it is. Free! It’s the culmination of a ton of work (and eventually I’m going to patreon up these zines) but it’s free to you! If you want to donate something (sliding scale five bucks to whatever) you can do that through paypal and EVERY SINGLE CENT will go towards creating next year’s Organ Recital and livestreaming the events so folks not in New York can be a part.  But please download, print share freely.  I’ve also uploaded another zine I created, Hey Let’s Go Get A Pap Exam below as well for one stop irreverent health info shopping.

Keep up the struggle! Fighting for health (whatever that looks like for you) is RESISTANCE for real.


Just reading the zine online? Download this version:


If you’re printing it, esp in black and white, you should probably use this (your ink cartridges will thank you)


PS Folks have reminded me that these zines are not screen reader friendly as they are. I’m working on an accompanying text version and will post that here when it’s done.

And here’s an earlier zine called Hey Let’s Go Get A Pap Exam. Especially written with no gendered medical language for bits, so maybe it’s a tiny little bit less triggering.

Hey Let’s Go Get A Pap Exam DUNHAM


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